This list is of the vocabulary the game knows.
above abra across ascend attack awkward
axe back barren bars battery beans
bear bed bedquilt bird blast blowup
bottle box break brief broken building
cadabra cage calm canyon capture carpet
carry catch cave cavern chain chant
chasm chest clam climb close cobble
coins continue crack crawl cross dark
debris depression descend describe detonate devour
diamonds dig discard disturb dome door
down downstream dragon drawing drink drop
dump dwarf east eat egg eggs
emerald enter entrance examine excavate exit
explore extinguish fee feed fie fight
figure fill find fissure floor foe
follow foo food forest fork forward
free fuck fum get geyser giant
go gold goto grate gully hall
headlamp help hill hit hocus hole
hours house ignite in info inside
inventor inward issue jar jewelry jump
keep key keys kill knife knives
lamp lantern leave left light lock
look lost low machine magazine main
message ming mirror mist moss mumble
nest north nothing nowhere nugget null
off office oil on onward open
oriental out outdoors outside over oyster
passage pause pearl persian peruse pillow
pirate pit placate plant platinum plover
plugh pocus pottery pour proceed pyramid
quit rations read release reservoir restore
resume retreat return right road rock
rod room rub rug run save
say score se secret sesame shadow
shake shard shatter shazam shell silver
sing slab slit smash snake south
spelunker spices stair stalactite steal steps
stop stream strike surface suspend sw
swim swing tablet take tame throw
toss tote touch travel treasure tree
trees trident troll tunnel turn unlock
up upstream upward utter valley vase
velvet vending view volcano wake walk
wall water wave west where xyzzy